Ultimate Vacuum glazed windows guide -2024

Windows account 30% of building heating and cooling costs

Windows account 30% of building heating and cooling costs

Vacuum glazed windows,is windows that equipped with updated vacuum insulating glass,or vacuum double glazing,taking advantage of the extreme low thermal conductivity of VIG, aluminium windows U value can reach 0.13 (0.74W/M2.K),Vacuum glazed windows can reach Energy star standard easily and becomes the priority of high end LEED building,new constructions,building refurbishment.

What’s Vacuum insulating glass?

Different from normal double or triple insulated glass,vacuum insulating glass panels are sealed insulated panels containing 0.15mm- 0.3mm internal vacuum space , 10^(-4)Pa high vacuum degree ensures excellent thermal property and soundproof performance.

HAANGLAS Vacuum insulating glass
HAANGLAS Vacuum insulating glass

The vacuum space eliminate most most thermal conductivity through heat conduction and heat convection,the high performance low-E coating reflect most heat ,the special structure makes VIG the ever most energy efficient glass.Meanwhile vacuum double glazing soundproof performance is equivalent to same thickness laminated glass,VIG can filter low frequency noise effectively ,such as engine,auto noise.

Glass Combination Glass Type Thickness Weight U value
6 C Monolithic 6 15 5.8W/M2.K
6C+12A+6C Double Glazing 24 30 5.8W/M2.K
6LE+12A+6C Double Glazing 24 30 1.7W/M2.K
6LE+12A+6LE+12A+6 Triple Glazing 42 45 1.0W/M2.K
6LE+0.15V+6C Single VIG 12 30 0.45W/M2.K
6LE+12A+6LE+0.15V+6C Hybrid VIG 30.15 45 0.35W/M2.K

 Reasons to use vacuum glazed windows

Carbon reduction consensus is formed after the Paris  agreement in 2015,To limit global warming to 1.5°C, greenhouse gas emissions must peak before 2025 at the latest and decline 43% by 2030.most countries have set up carbon reduction measurements and targets to realize net-zero.

windows is the key point of reducing the carbon reduction and decrease heating and cooling energy,about 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows, while about 40% American windows are single glazed windows with normal monolithic glass,with increased energy costs after the Russian-Ukraine war,it’s quite urgent to replace these windows glass with energy saving glass,or energy efficient windows to decrease heating and cooling costs and reduce carbon emission.

To encourage people replacing existing windows and glass,governments has implemented serious of grants and punishment measurement,for instance:

Netherlands subsidies against insulation measurements allow Euro23/sqm subsidy

Canada greener homes portal offer up to 5000 dollars grants

UK government is investing £12 billion in Help to Heat schemes to make sure homes are warmer and cheaper.

Windows account 30% of building heating and cooling costs
Windows account 30% of building heating and cooling costs

USA Windows & skylights tax credit against energy star windows to get up to 30% of product costs

Beside that,The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released a national blueprint to decarbonize the building sector by 90% before 2050. The plan point out that buildings account for 74% of U.S. electricity use and building heating and cooling drives peak electricity demand,sums of money on building energy costs—upwards of $370 billion annually.There are nearly 130 million existing buildings in the United States,with 40 million new homes and 60 billion square feet of commercial floor space expected to be constructed between now and 2050.

The huge energy efficient windows demand for new constructions and building refurbishment drives the emergement of VIG windows,the creative combination of vacuum double glazing and thermal break aluminium windows.

Benefits of vacuum glazed windows

Even though aluminium windows has much longer lifetime,better appearance,recyclable compared with PVC windows and fiberglass windows,but its thermal conductivity is higher than other materials windows frames,even though thermal bridge helps decreasing the overall U value,but aluminium windows still has 20% higher U value ,it’s impossible to further decrease overall U value unless changing the glass which account 80% windows area.

Vacuum insulating glass,with the lowest possible 0.35W/M2.K drives aluminium thermal break windows down, VWS70 is normal thermal break aluminium windows,but can reach 0.79W/M2.K with the help of VIG,and high end VWP91 reach 0.7W/M2.K.These windows always reach and surpass passive house windows requirement ,and save much cooling and heating energy continuously for home owners.

Windows Type U value-DGU U Valie -TGU U value-HVIG
VWS70 Fixed 0.30 0.20 0.14
VWP91 Fixed 0.29 0.18 0.12

Vacuum glazed windows also increase people’s comfort,creating quiet living environment,and keep home comfortable living temperature whether in summer or winter.

Vacuum glazed windows can add value to the house ,people can get the money back when reselling the house.

Recommendation for your projects

VIG windows offer Passive Classic -VWS70 series and Passive Pro-VWP91 series aluminium windows with VIG to suite different budget requirement.

VWS70- Fixed,Tilt&turn, Projected,Casement and Swing door.

Passive house windows can be slim, and affordable without spending extra money on thicker frame and expensive hardware for the same excellent thermal performance.

VWP91- Fixed,Tilt&turn, Projected,Casement and Swing door.

Passive Pro is upgraded system windows with thicker frame,thicker thermal bridge and better performance.

Beside above commercial windows ,VIG windows developed American style aluminium hung windows-VHS100 (single hung) and VHD105(double hung) for residential projects.

aluminium single hung window|double hung window-american style-vig windows-1
aluminium single hung window|double hung window-american style-vig windows-1

Typical hung windows thermal conductivity is higher than 2.5W/M2.K, the balances cannot support thick and heavy triple glazing ,people have to use thinner and lighter monolithic or double glazing,while this result in huge energy loss.

VHS100 &105 adopted dual thermal bridge design,use Caldwell ultra lift to support large area hung windows, VIG contributes to 1.35W/M2.K low U value,make it suitable for both heavy commercial and light residential projects.

VIG windows makes your windows an marvelous energy investment,contact us now to start your investment.

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