3 steps to select the right energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows used in energy saving buildings

Energy efficient window is becoming popular and every end users’ consensus whether for new buildings or windows retrofit,as energy efficient windows will help save energy costs and create comfortable living environment.

Since the Second Industrial Revolution, there has been over-scale exploitation of resources, accelerated energy consumption, emissions of polluting gases, frequent natural disasters, accelerated extinction of species… The earth’s ecological environment has been overwhelmed. If it is not restricted and protected, the earth may become an “uninhabitable hell.”That’s the reason of Zero carbon plan and Paris agreement to reduce carbon emission and protect environment.

Installing energy efficient windows is also important method to protect the earth, Because building energy consumption accounts for more than 40% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, and the energy loss through doors and windows accounts for more than 50% of the building energy consumption, Energy is lost in vain through doors and windows, causing great waste.People spend 90% of their time in buildings and in the U.S,people spend up to $370 billion annually on building energy costs.Energy saving windows and doors can decrease energy consumption significantly.

Whats energy efficient windows?

Energy efficient windows are designed to increase the lighting and ventilation are. They realize consumption-reducing by improving the optical properties, thermal properties and sealing performance and improving the structure of doors and windows.

On the basis of traditional doors and windows, through systematic and professional control of details, improve windows opening methods, materials, craftsmanship, glass, etc. of doors and windows to achieve better sealing,better thermal insulation, to reduce energy consumption.

Energy efficient windows in modern villas
Energy efficient windows in modern villas

 Key points to consider when selecting energy efficient windows?

“How to select the right energy-saving doors and windows?” People should consider below:

  • Windows and Doors frame materials
  • Windows and Doors opening types
  • Windows details:materials, craftsmanship, glass, structure, etc.
  1. Windows frame materials

Windows and doors frame materials include wood windows, PVC windows, aluminium windows,thermal break aluminium window,steel windows,and also new combination of wood-aluminium windows etc.

PVC windows is still widely used in developed countries
PVC windows is still widely used in developed countries
  • Wood windows -Wood is a traditional window material with good texture, but it is easy to decay, so it is rarely used in homes now.
  • PVC windows,has low cost, good sound insulation, and thermal performance, However, it has poor rigidity and poor fire resistance,single white color option and bad durability.
  • Aluminium windows-light weight,good impact resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance, good airtightness and sound insulation, so it is popular with many families. However, its thermal conductivity is high and waste energy.
  • Thermal break aluminium windows-The “broken bridge” technology improves the thermal conductivity of aluminum windows, avoid heat transfer, and retain the characteristics of aluminum windows, so it is popular among many families.
  • Steel windows-bright colors,high strength ,good impact resistance. However, they are heavy, inconvenient to assemble and install, and are more expensive and easy to get rusted.

Even though PVC windows account most U.S market,more thermal break aluminium windows are used in the high end market with higher price,more China aluminium fabricators are breaking into the market with competitive price and good quality.

  1. Windows opening types

Windows opening types include tilt&Turn window,casement windows,projected windows, hung windows (single hung window and double hung window),sliding windows, combining with picture windows, the windows can have variety of changes to suit every home and building.

Windows opening types
Windows opening types

2.1 Picture windows-Good lighting, air tightness,water tightness and thermal insulation,but cannot be opened and bad ventilation.

2.2 Sliding window-Simple and beautiful, with large windows, big vision area, and does not occupy indoor space when opened,disadvantage is only 1 sash can be opened and bad sealing / thermal performance.

2.3 Casement window-good thermal,sealing performance,good appearance and flexible lighting,but it take up indoor and outdoor space, is easy to bump and hurt people, and is inconvenient to use curtains when the windows are open.

2.4 Hung windows- elegant,classic design,convenient,good lighting and ventilation,shortage is its thermal performance is the worst among all window types.

2.5 Awning windows,or projected windows,safe,good thermal but very small ventilation area.

Every window opening type has its advantage and disadvantage,and it’s hard to define the best windows type for your home,people should understand the potential risks,disadvantages of these windows and select the right one based on the home opening area,people’s preference and make up the shortages ,for example,selecting more energy efficient glass to make your windows have better thermal performance,select windows with better system design and workmanship to avoid air/water leakage after installation.

3.Windows details,

Windows details is the deciding point affect windows overall performance -structural performance, water tightness, air tightness,thermal performance.Here will take thermal break aluminium window as example-

3.1 Thermal break aluminium profiles.

6063-T5 is used in most aluminium windows to ensure its structural performance,and thermal bridge to be used to block heat through aluminium profiles, the thicker,the better,meanwhile section design affect windows air tightness and water tightness.

VIG windows use 6066-T66 aluminium profiles whose structural performance is 30% better than 6063-T5,with up to 54mm PA6+GF25 thermal bridge,with system design to make the aluminium frame itself U value reach 1.0W/M2.K.

VIG windows-windows section details
VIG windows-windows section details
Technoform thermal bridge used in energy efficient aluminium windows
Technoform thermal bridge used in energy efficient aluminium windows

3.2 Rubbers used in windows

The quality of window sealing directly affects the exchange of indoor and outdoor hot and cold air, and determines the thermal insulation and cold-proof performance of doors and windows. Among them, the sealing strip is the key factor affecting the sealing performance between door and window frames.

EPDM is most widely used rubbers to ensure good sealing effect. Other materials will get fragile and easy to crack after years,EPDM rubbers has good durability,corrosion-resistant, and effectively blocks outdoor air from entering the room.

EPDM rubbers has long durability to ensure good sealing effect
EPDM rubbers has long durability to ensure good sealing effect

3.3 Glass used in windows

Glass used in windows include laminated glass,laminated insulating glass,double glazing,triple glazing,and single glazing.Single glazing exist in most building over 30 years history and waste really a lot of energy.

Glass account 80% of total windows area and decide the overall windows performance.

double insulating glass used in windows
double insulating glass used in windows

The best U value of triple glazing is 0.7W/M2.K,and is difficult the further decrease to get better thermal performance,while VIG windows now use hybrid vacuum insulating glass which U value can get 0.35W/M2.K ,glass is much thinner,lighter and more energy saving.

Vacuum insulating glass has ever lowest U value
Vacuum insulating glass has ever lowest U value

VIG windows ,from materials, to system design,glass combination has reached the highest level and get 0.14W/M2.K ever lowest aluminium windows thermal performance,will definately change your home more silent,more comfortable,more valuable,and more energy efficient.

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