Aluminium windows VS PVC windows

Aluminium windows

Aluminium windows

Aluminum windows and PVC windows are the two most common windows type, So, which one is more suitable for you, aluminum or PVC doors and windows? Here is a comparison between alu windows and PVC windows.

1.Material comparison

First, the materials used for windows frame are different. Aluminum windows are made of extruded aluminum profiles , the advantages is strong and durable, good corrosion-resistant.

 PVC doors and windows are made of PVC materials, which have the advantages of being fireproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, sound-proof, and heat-insulating.

aluminium windows VS PVC windows
aluminium windows VS PVC windows



Aluminum windows have a more textured and modern appearance, with multi color options and multi surface treatment options,for example powder coating, PVDF coating,anodized coating ,and wood transfer to simulate the natural wood color,now the most popular aluminium windows are dark colors, suitable for modern minimalist style homes. PVC doors and windows have a softer appearance, mostly light colors, suitable for traditional styles such as European and Chinese styles.

Aluminium windows can have multi color options and surface treatment
Aluminium windows can have multi color options and surface treatment



Aluminum alloy doors and windows have excellent physical properties, such as high strength, corrosion resistance, and not easy to deform. PVC doors and windows have excellent sound insulation and heat insulation performance, and also have fire prevention and anti-theft functions.

When it comes to windows performance,it can be classified into air tightness,water tightness,thermal performance,structural performance.

Aluminium windows and PVC windows perfromance are quite different
Aluminium windows and PVC windows perfromance are quite different

3.1 Water tightness & Structural performance

PVC windows have low material strength and rigidity. Although they are reinforced by adding lining steel, their wind pressure resistance and water tightness are much lower than aluminium one.

3.2 Air Tightness

Since the frames and sash components of PVC windows are welded, their air tightness should be slightly better than that of aluminum ones that is connected with screws. However, the high dimensional accuracy of system windows and doors enables close matching of difference frames, so the two are still at the same level.

3.3 Thermal performance

The frame and sash of aluminum windows occupy about 10% less area than that of PVC windows. The frame and sash profiles of aluminum doors and windows are not solid, and the wall thickness of hollow aluminum profiles is about 40% less than that of plastic steel profiles.

Therefore, the thermal insulation performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows is not as good as that of PVC ones.

3.4 Lighting performance

The lighting performance of PVC is worse than that of aluminum windows. The shading area of its frame and sash area is about 10% larger than that of aluminum windows. The vision and decorative effect are poor, which is not conducive to energy saving and consumption reduction of building lighting.

3.5 Sound reduction performance

The sound insulation performance of system aluminium windows and doors is mainly rely on the glass which account about 80% of overall windows area. Aluminum windows are excellent in glass thickness, structure and sealing performance, so their sound insulation effect is very good.

3.6 Fireproof performance

The fire resistance of flame-retardant PVC windows is better than that of combustible wooden doors and windows, but worse than that of non-combustible aluminum windows.

Regarding the fire resistance of doors and windows: steel doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows are relatively good, while plastic doors and windows and wooden doors and windows are relatively poor.

3.7 Durability

Plastic steel doors and windows are easily deformed by heat and become brittle in cold environment. They have poor size and shape stability, and often need to use the rigidity of glass to prevent window frame deformation.

PVC window is easy to get deform under low temperature environment
PVC window is easy to get deform under low temperature environment

In order to prevent window frame deformation, many fabricators has to install glass in the factory before shipping plastic windows to prevent deformation during storage, transportation, and installation.

Therefore, when the temperature difference between day and night and winter and summer changes greatly, PVC plastic steel door and window frames are relatively easy to deform. To ensure safety, it is recommended to use aluminum doors and windows!



The aluminium windows price is slightly higher than that of PVC doors and windows, but in some high-end security doors and windows,or commercial buildings, the price of aluminum doors and windows is even higher. However, the price of doors and windows depends not only on the material, but also on the brand and quality,workmanship,glass types,and windows overall performance.

Passive house windows are typically PVC windows,and for aluminium windows,even though thermal bridge are used but overall thermal performance are difficult to reach passive house standard,with the help of vacuum insulating glass,VIG windows successfully change normal system aluminium windows to passive house windows ,with much lower costs than competitors.

How to make decisions?

In general, aluminum windows and PVC ones have their own advantages and disadvantages, and customer should make decision according to the actual situation,and consider the material, appearance, performance, price, etc. as well as your actual needs and budget.

If you are decorating a new house, you can consider choosing the type of doors and windows according to the overall style. If you are renovating an old house, you can consider replacing the old doors and windows to improve comfort and ensure safety. At the same time, you also need to consider factors such as budget, age of family members, and living habits to choose doors and windows that suit you.

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