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Thermal Break Aluminum Hung Windows             

VHS100 Single Hung Window

Dual thermal bridge American style aluminium hung windows ,equipped with hybrid vacuum insulating glass,and world class Caldwell balance and hardware,makes our hung window reliable and energy efficient.

High strength,hardness,toughness to ensure windows overall safety performance.

  • 1.57mm 6063-T5 Aluminium Profile
  • 100mm thick aluminium section,83mm visible frame+sash width.
  •  Dual thermal bridge design to maximum decrease thermal transmittance through frame.

SGCC | IGCC certified Vacuum Insulating glass, maximum eliminate the heat transfer through convection and conduction,HVIG realize Max 0.35W/(㎡·K) ,increase windows thermal performance significantly.

  • Double glazing unit U value 1.6W/(㎡·K)
  • Tripe glazing units U value 1.2W/(㎡·K)
  • Hybrid vacuum glazing unit U value 0.35W/(㎡·K)

Sngle sash can be tilt in for easy cleaning.

Standard hung windows are equipped with Caldwell balances,whether coil balance,block& tackle balance or heavy duty ultra-lift balance.

2 maintenance holes in different height were hidden under the anti collision blocks,elegant design and long durability.

  • Watertightness 360pa
  • Airtightness 0.10 L/s·m2
  • Structural Performance AAMA-CW-PG40

Windows Performance -Estimated

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Air Infiltration

0.10 L/s·m2

Water Resistance


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Hung Window -VHD105 Double Hung Window

American style Aluminium Hung windows ,dual thermal bridge, Caldwell hardware,best U value 1.5W/M2.K.

AAMA Rating


Frame Depth


Test Sizes


Water Tightness


Best U value


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have MOQ requirement?

For high logistic costs reason, MOQ for windows is 30sqm.

How can we get our project priced?

Project specification indicating windows performance,light transmittance,SHGC,U value etc.

Project schedule:windows type,size,quantity etc.

Glass combination: DGU, TGU ,VIG,or HVIG and windows performance requirement.

Destination port or site adddress to offer shipping & logistic costs.

How long time we can get the window?

Depend on the project scale,generally 4-5 weeks production time,for larger projects it will take 6-8 weeks.

In addition to 5-7 weeks delivery from China to destination site.

Overall time will be 10-15 weeks.

Are you responsible for installation?

No,installation is out of our business category,all windows are tested before leaving the factory.

Will offer technical supporting on installtion,if any hardware problems,will deliver replacement for free.

What kind of warranty can we have?
  1. Raw materials:6066-T66 profiles,brand hardware/glass/ thermal bridge ensure good performance.
  2. Quality:ISO9001 quality management system control high fabrication precision and quality.
  3. Cerficificates:American AAMA/NFRC certified.
  4. Warranty-Aluminium profile/frame/ Glass-10 years warranty.

Our passion for extreme low thermal performance,will make your windows a marvelous energy investment.

Han XiaoQing
Vice President