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VWS70 Awning Window

Aluminium system windows but reach passive house windows standard (U≤1.0W/(㎡·K) with the help of vacuum insulating glass.

High strength,hardness,toughness to ensure windows overall safety performance.

  • 29% higher tensile strength than 6063-T5.
  • 23% yield Strength than 6063-T5.
  • 7% higher Vickers hardness than 6063-T5.
  • 13% maximum percentage elongation than 6063-T5.

Vacuum Insulating glass, maximum eliminate the heat transfer through convection and conduction,HVIG realize Max 0.35W/(㎡·K) ,increase windows thermal performance significantly.

  • Double glazing unit U value 1.6W/(㎡·K)
  • Tripe glazing units U value 1.2W/(㎡·K)
  • Hybrid vacuum glazing unit U value 0.35W/(㎡·K)

Technoform thermal bridge is made with poyamide 6.6 with 25% fiberglass reinforcement to ensure high impact resistance and excellent thermal performance.

Automobile level EPDM rubber,low heat transfer coefficient,better air tightness.

Flush sash design keep simple and beautiful,increase airtightness,watertightness and structural performance.

  • Watertightness 720pa
  • Airtightness 0.10 L/s·m2
  • Structural Performance AAMA-PG50

Windows Performance

AAMA Rating


Test Size


Air Infiltration

0.10 L/s·m2

Water Resistance


Design Pressure Positive


Uniform Load Structural


U Value


Frame Depth


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Passive Pro -VWP91 Awning WindowU value =0.7w/m2.k

VWP91 awning window is upgraded versioon of VWS70.With thicker frame,reinforced structural performance and improved thermal performance.

Hurrican Resistance -VHR91 Awning WindowU value =0.7w/m2.k

VHR91 awning window is equipped with structural interlayer laminated glass,the windows design also take thermal performance into consideration,VHR91 is the few hurricane proof windows with passive house performance.

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